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All kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can accomplish. At the Y, we have two options for camp. We offer Day Camp at various locations during breaks to make sure kids are taking part in educational and enriching activities even while school is out. And we also offer Resident Camp at Camp Immokalee, where young people get the opportunity to explore the outdoors while building their self-confidence and making lasting memories.

Day Camps  
School's Out Camp Summer Day Camp
Spring Break Day Camp  
Resident Camp  
Family Camp at Immokalee Summer at Camp Immokalee
Spring Break at Camp Immokalee Winter Break at Camp Immokalee


Apart from camp, we also offer child care in other ways. Whether it's at KidZone while you're working out or at PrYme Time after school, our child care programs provide a safe, nurturing learning environment under the supervision of our qualified, professional staff. We also offer special programs for school holidays, a fun kids' night out and a special morning just for moms. 

KidZone Before and After School Program
and Club Time
Kids' Night Out Mom's Morning Out


We belive that through knowledge, character development, guidance and encouragement we can help our future leaders develop and realize their full potential. That's why we invest in the education of our youth through academics, arts and humanities, healthy living and more.

Academic Enrichment Arts and Humanities
Tiger Academy 
Charter Elementary School
Creative Classes
Available through KidZone
Take Stock in Children (Clay County) Healthy Lifestyle Choices
YMCA READS! Homeschool P.E.
Youth Civic Engagement Youth Fit For Life
Youth In Government 
Junior Youth In Government


Kids who play at the Y learn more than just the game. We provide positive, fun activities that build athletic, social and interpersonal skills that lead to better behavior, healthier lifestyles and even academic achievement.

Youth Sports Programs Competitive Swimming and Sports
Basketball and Li'l Dribblers Flyers Swim Team (year round)
Cheerleading Flyers In Training (F.I.T.)
Flag Football and Li'l Punters Swim Teams (Y branches)
Gymnastics Youth Swim Lessons
Martial Arts Learn to Swim at the Y
Soccer and Lil' Kickers Go for Green! Camp Swim Initiative
T-Ball Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Mission Statement: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.